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Living the Dream

Ever since my teenage years I have dreamed of being a craftsman with enough experience and skill needed to produce handcrafted ironwork that has enough quality that I could be proud to offer to the public. While there is still much that I want to learn and techniques that I need to master, I am happy to say that the hand forged items being created here at Liberty Ironworks meets that standard.
Iron has the unique property of being hard and rigid when cold, but when heated to a glowing
red-orange heat it can be shaped much like modeling clay. The difference, of course is that instead of using your fingers to shape the clay iron must be shaped with bending forks, punches and hammers until it cools off and then heated again.
Each piece of ironware makes the trip from the heat of the forge to being formed between the anvil and hammer several times before it is finished. There is something near magical about hot iron being molded and shaped and that "magic" remains as the ironware cools into a finished piece of hand forged ironware.
Liberty Ironworks
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