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Liberty Ironworks is affiliated with several blacksmithing organizations. Because the craft of forging iron is best thought of as a team activity it is good for all smiths, beginners and experienced alike, to be connected with the larger blacksmithing community. Therefore I have listed the blacksmith organizations that I am a member of and I would encourage anyone who is interested in this craft to become a part of the growing  blacksmithing world.
Artist Blacksmith Association of North America (ABANA)
ABANA is an organization which has members world wide. ABANA holds national conventions every two years and provides members with a subscription to a quarterly journal called "The Anvil's Ring" showcasing the work of modern "master" smiths. It also provides another quarterly publication called "The Hammer's Blow" dedicated to instructional "how to articles. For further information visit
Appalachian Blacksmith Association (ABA)
The ABA is a great local blacksmith organization that holds a spring and a fall gathering at the blacksmith shop at Cedar Lakes convention center in Ripley, WV. The ABA also provides occasional classes led by member smiths to help further the forging skills of its members.  The association also publishes a quarterly newsletter.  For more information contact or for more current news follow us on Facebook at Appalachian Blacksmith Association.
Southern Ohio Anvil & Forge (SOFA)
Sofa holds monthly meetings in Troy, Ohio and offers classes throughout the year. Once a year they hold the"QuadState" gathering at the Miami county fairgrounds in Troy. QuadState is arguably one of the largest blacksmith swap meets in the country bringing in smiths from around the world. If you are looking for new and used blacksmithing tools this is the placed to be.  For more information visit
Colonial Homstead Artisans Guild
Located in Millersburg, Ohio the Artisans Guild is dedicated to promoting and preserving the knowledge and skill of the historic hand trades and homesteading practices of our past.  They offer classes in blacksmithing, hand tool woodworking, period gun making, timber framing wood carving and fiber and textiles.  For more information visit
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