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These hand forged wrought iron hooks are topped with a whimsical stylized Elf.  Each Elf is individually forged with a scrolled red, or green cap. Each cap is different. Some have loose scrolled ends, others are tightly scrolled while other caps end with a ball.  The blacksmith made hooks are 1/2 inch in width and can safely hold over 20 pounds without the use of screws or any fasteners.  Even a large stocking filled with coal would not be too much for these hooks to hold. These hooks are designed to be used on 3/4 inch thick shelves, or a mantle that is 3/4 inch thick with cove mounding beneath ( as shown).

If you are looking for something different and artistic to put on the mantel this Christmas these Elf hooks are what you are looking for.

Christmas Stocking Holder

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